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Nathaniel is an independent author of fiction and nonfiction. From harrowing historical tales of crime and adventure to heartfelt fantasy comedies featuring talking animals — you never know what you're in for with his books. But you can be sure of one thing — you're in for a good story.


Happy reading! 

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~ Family Drama, Crime, Romance,
Dark Humor
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You hear about the Van Winkles?
They’re not doing well.


Charlie—the loan shark dad—got caught looking at porn one too many times. So, Mary, the wife and mom, kicked him out of the family home.

Now Charlie’s on his own in a bad part of town—trying to win Mary back and survive the attacks of a vicious new neighborhood gangster.

Mary quit her job at the local church after she gave Charlie the boot. Jobless and spouseless—now she has to battle addiction, fear, and an existential crisis all by herself.

Allison, their daughter, is stuck somewhere in the middle of her estranged parents—struggling to deal with a traumatic encounter that happened to her by the go-karts.

Can the Van Winkle’s make it through the year 2000 unscathed?

Will this fractured family ever be whole again?

*Disclaimer: This novel contains subject matter that some readers may find offensive — including descriptions of violence and strong language. It’s not my intent to offend, but just a word of caution.

Blue Van Winkle novel
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Cover design by Hugh Cowling

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~ Fantasy, Humor, Romance, Adventure ~
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Dottie is a Dalmatian with class.


She's from England and she's positively posh: she loves jazz, she loves her book club and she loves her cheese-and-wine evenings. There's just one thing missing in her perfect life: nothing (and nobody) to make her tail wag.

When Dottie finds herself transported from her British home comforts to an American city called Backwood, she is surprised to find herself enjoying the company of a lowly beagle named Ralphie.

What Dottie doesn't realize is how much she'll begin to care for Ralphie, and Backwood - her new home, which is under threat from a mysterious tyrant. Will Dottie join the fight for Backwood or retreat back to her comfortable life across the pond?

Come along on this heartwarming, humorous, and tail-wagging adventure from Nathaniel David Knox.

Cover design by Alex Foster
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~ Historical, Crime, Thriller ~
  • Amazon - Nathaniel David Knox

The choice was simple—moonshine or die.

Ralph Honeycutt wanted nothing to do with hauling illegal moonshine for the local bootlegging syndicate—but he soon learns things ain’t that easy in Prohibition country.

When a brood of masked, machine-gun-toting devils threaten to kill him and his whole family, it soon becomes clear Ralph only has one way out. Roped into smuggling moonshine in exchange for protection, Ralph finds himself working for the Waterloo Shiners—a clandestine group of outlaws led by one Casper LaMont St. John.

Thrust into a world of danger and turmoil in classic Prohibition-era America, Ralph’s world unfolds into a gritty tale of treachery, triumph, and tragedy as he desperately tries to keep his marriage, family, and soul intact.

*Disclaimer: This novel contains subject matter that some readers may find offensive — including descriptions of violence and strong language. It’s not my intent to offend, but just a word of caution.

Cover design by Jason Anscomb
  • Amazon - Nathaniel David Knox


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